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Related introduction of macromolecule mattress
2018-09-28 17:18:59
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Macromolecular mattress is the latest development of the company's civil product machinery. Because of its reasonable planning, it has excellent functions in strength, function stability and other aspects, and the product cost is relatively low. It has been widely used as the inner core of the mat in Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries, and can also be used for the external protection of natural gas pipeline. High elastic mesh, plastic soft mat on the basis of the principle of kinesiology coiling method of non-contact and trawl support, can have the effect of balanced keep body, quite used to the human body curve, cervical vertebra and lumbar spine, wrist legs no longer impending, scheduling function of the human body is conducive to promptly eliminate fatigue, improve sleep, for you to create natural, comfortable, healthy quality sleep.


1. The revolutionary substitution of traditional spring mattress cores, high polymer three-dimensional macromolecular bed cores, excellent air permeability, cleanability, light weight, low carbon and environmental protection.

2. The 3D mesh material abandons the disadvantages of air tight, formaldehyde releasing, poor comfort and uncleanness of traditional mat fabric.

Third, the latest modern skills of the MEMO latex formula manufacturing of natural latex cotton, in the high polymer three-dimensional polymer bed core, 3D network on the basis of a further increase in the comfort of the mat

EVA is a ethylene - vinyl acetate copolymer

Features: polymer mattress of wicked softness, elasticity of rubber, under - 50 ℃ can still has good flexible, good transparency, or surface gloss, chemical stability, wicked anti-aging and ozone resistance strength is good, non-toxic. Good blending with filler, coloring and shaping.

The main equipment of our company is the existing XPE cross-linked foaming equipment, PC/ABS sheet metal equipment, PET sheet metal equipment, polymer spray wire equipment, PC film co-extrusion composite film equipment, PC film co-extrusion composite sheet metal equipment, PC film co-extrusion composite board equipment.

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