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2018-09-28 17:56:28
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Polymer mattress core products produced by polymer mattress extrusion line have the advantages of high environmental protection, high elasticity and high magnetic permeability


The macromolecular mattress core has the function of mildew proof, bacteria proof, mite proof and easy to clean, especially the patients who can't take care of themselves in life, it is especially easy to dirty the bed mattress, easy to use the mattess that can be reached by cleaning, fast drying, removing odor and other effects, so as to reduce the workload of escorts. Polymer mattress core hardness as well as their support to the human body is the most reasonable, the most comfortable, the human body vertebra is the ideal state of nature S type, low quality of mattress core can make the spine bending, the intervertebral disc pressure not to relax and ease, cause people many times turn in sleep, high elastic mattress cores, give a person with a perfect "close skin" experience, let you fall in love with a lie to be taken care of immediately and inclusive of fine feeling. Macromolecular mattress core has the characteristics of high air permeability. Good air permeability mattress core can also reduce the amount of human rotation in sleep to prolong sleep depth and improve sleep quality.

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