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10 advantages of plastic honeycomb panel equipment
2018-09-28 17:24:36
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Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, making plastic products more extensive, as well as plastic honeycomb board. Plastic honeycomb panels are a favorite these days because they have so many excellent properties. The details are as follows:

1. Light weight:

The thinnest device of plastic honeycomb board can only be 5mm thick (compound with aluminum plastic board). Common composite tile or granite, only about 12mm thick, transportation saves a lot of cost, according to the load limit of the building exists, this is the best choice.

2. Strength increase:

After plastic and ceramic tiles, granite, aluminum honeycomb composite board, bending, bending, shear strength significantly increased, significantly reduced transportation, installation, fracture during use.

        3. Improve anti-pollution ability:

Common plastic original board (whole body board) in installation process or after use, if wet cement slurry, it may be half a year or a year later, plastic surface appears all sorts of different color and besmirch, remove very hard. The honeycomb plate is stiffer with its compact chassis, and a thin layer, to avoid this.

4. Easy to control color difference:

Because plastic honeycomb board is to use 1m2 original board (whole body board) cut 3 or 4 pieces become 3m2 or 4m2. The 34m2 pattern is almost 100% identical to the color, making it easier to guarantee the large area, color and pattern consistency.

5. Easy installation:

The plastic honeycomb panel is very convenient to install. In the installation process, whether the weight is easy to break (strength, etc.) or color splice greatly improves the installation efficiency and safety, and also reduces the installation cost.

6, breaking through the restricted area:

Plastic decorative parts, both inside and outside, on the ground, on the windowsill, on the porch, desktop, etc. There is nothing wrong with the plain old board, except the ceiling, whether it's plastic or granite, which no decoration company would dare or could not take. Plastic and aluminum panels, aluminum honeycomb bonded after the honeycomb panel on this stone decorated area. As it is very light, it weighs only 1/5 to 1/10 of the weight of the board. Should use it not belong to stone material decorates ceiling to wait.

7. Noise, water:

Aluminum honeycomb board honeycomb board made of plastic, as a result of hollow aluminum alloy core insulation hexagonal bee hexagonal, moisture, heat preservation, cold performance. Therefore, these features are far beyond the performance features of the entire body panel.

8. Cost reduction:

Because of the thinner and lighter composite material, a part of the cost is saved on transportation and installation, and for the more expensive variety of stone, compared with the cost of the original plate, honeycomb plate after the price is cheap.

9. Cost reduction:

Stone honeycomb plate is thinner and lighter, because, in transportation and installation on the cost savings, and for more expensive varieties of stone, after making honeycomb plate, the price of finished plate is lower than the original plate.

10. Environmental protection:

Plastic honeycomb panel is 1.75 ㎝ thick big ishihara board, is divided into three kinds, the block can be three times than the area of the original plate. Therefore, the full use of mineral resources, also reduce the process of pollution, very conducive to environmental protection.

As a professional manufacturer of plastic honeycomb panel production line, our equipment produces high quality and more outstanding performance.

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