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Introduction to glass fiber composites
2018-09-28 16:45:54
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Glass fiber is obtained by melting glass. Glass fiber composite is a kind of composite material which takes glass fiber and its products as reinforcement and synthetic resin as matrix material. Generally, the sheet preparation and product molding process of glass fiber composite materials are separate, but from the economic perspective, the combination of the two can reduce equipment investment and save energy. Glass fiber can achieve high mechanical strength while maintaining the cost advantage to achieve a balance, glass fiber composites have good recovery performance. Compared with traditional materials, has high specific strength, high modulus than and can design, easy to repair, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance advantages but glass fiber reinforced resin matrix composites is more sensitive to hot and humid environment, and hot and humid environment will make it performance degradation, use appropriate chemical crosslinking agent and coupling agent on polymer modification, make it become a hydrophobic material.

Glass fiber composites have a wide range of applications. The high strength glass fiber composite material has excellent mechanical properties and anti-elastic properties and can be used to make bulletproof plate. Glass fiber reinforced materials can replace traditional wood and other materials and can be used in the construction industry; The glass fiber composite material dimension is widely used in automobile industry, aircraft, rocket and so on. In recent years, it has been developing rapidly in the civilian aspect, and has been applied in the fields of ships and sports equipment, and the dosage keeps increasing. The development of materials such as StaMax improves the impact strength of household appliances, electronic products, automobile parts and other applications. Due to the global energy shortage, the development of wind energy materials has a more promising prospect. Glass fiber composites are used to prepare energy equipment, which is expected to become an important application field of glass fiber composites in the near future.

The development of glass fiber composites is promoted with the emergence of new production technology. China's glass fiber composites industry has entered a new development period. In the past, it was mainly characterized by the speed of development, but now it is marked by product application and quality improvement.

My company's main equipment existing XPE cross-linking foaming equipment, glass fiber composite plate sheet, PVC single and double color silk spray mat equipment, PC/ABS sheet, PET sheet plate equipment, polymer jet equipment, PC film inner co-extrusion composite membrane equipment, PC film co-extrusion composite sheet equipment, PC film inner co-extrusion composite board equipment, etc.

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