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PETWhat's special about packing tape equipment
2018-09-28 17:23:02
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PETWhat's special about packing tape equipment


1) good tensile strength: the PET packing belt has the tensile strength like steel belt, good ductility, impact resistance, no breakage, and better guarantee product transportation safety.

(2) elongation small: the PET packing belt, although the plastic products have very small changes in extension, and its elongation rate is only one-sixth of that of the polypropylene belt. In order to maintain tension, it does not change the packaging material after expansion.

(3) strong resistance to high temperature: test shows that the PET packaging with the melting point of 260 ℃, can be used under the environment of 120 ℃ for a long time not to distort, has a good stability.

(4) good economic benefit: the density of PET packing belt is 1. 30 to 1. 38g/cm3, only steel band density (7). 1/6 of 8g/cm3 (that is, 1 ton is equal to 6 per ton of PET and length of use band), the price per unit length is relatively low.

(5) environmentally friendly: the steel band will rust due to its exposure to moisture in the air, and rust permeability is strong and easy to pollute the packaging. PET packing tape is beautiful, does not rust, avoids unnecessary worry. He can also be recycled for better environmental protection.

(6) good flexibility, convenient and safe operation: PET packing belt does not have sharp edges of steel belt, and does not scratch the packaging, and does not hurt hands. There is no special tool cut, even if tied very tightly, when cutting it will not be harmed.

(7) high quality packaging ideal supplies: PET packaging contains all kinds of bright colors, shining lessons, high quality embodiment, the best high-end packaging supplies.

Our company with advanced equipment, strong technical force, scientific research, production in one. Is a highly complex, automation technology package with equipment professional manufacturers. We mainly have two series, PP (polypropylene) packing tape equipment and PET (plastic steel) packing tape equipment. We can also develop a variety of packing tape equipment according to the requirements of customers.

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